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Sitix is written in C++ without any frameworks or anything. It doesn't muck about with Node.JS or Ruby or any such stuff. This means native-level performance, but requires compilation and testing on many platforms. It's guaranteed to work on Fedora Linux and probably works in most other Linuxes; MacOS is a possibility. Windows, being too stone-age for POSIX, probably won't be able to run Sitix.

At the moment, Sitix has no prebuilt binaries; I hope to include RPM/DEB packages in the next release.
To install it, you'll need to clone the Github repository, create a build directory for CMake, run cmake .. inside that new build directory, cmake --build ., and (assuming the build completes successfully: if it doesn't, submit an issue!) copy the generated sitix binary to some PATH-accessible location (/usr/bin is a good bet). Sitix requires a C++20-compatible G++ (usually included with the gcc package); it has no other dependencies. Sitix is theoretically cross-compilable to Windows, but I have no intention of ever officially supporting it; Microsoft doesn't deserve it.
Once you've got Sitix installed, see Usage.
Sitix by Tyler Clarke
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Install Sitix
Sitix (including this website) is open-source Free Software protected by GNU GPLv3. Looking to contribute? The source code for this website is hosted on Github, as is Sitix itself.
Sitix is still young and probably buggy; if you have issues, submit a bug report at the issues page or contact me at (github issue preferred).
If you want to contribute, but don't know where to start, see The Todo List.
Site designed by Tyler Clarke and built with Sitix. This page uses the Lato fonts.