Sitix began in Summer '23 when I got fed up with the quirks of Jekyll and decided to build my own templating engine. I put together a schematic not unlike modern Sitix and began implementing it in Rust (which I had just learned), but I quickly realized that my pattern was simply not going to work for such a complex design, and so after a lot of fruitless debugging and such I eventually stopped developing it. It's probably still up here.
In November '24 I was working on a client's website and, once again, got fed up with Jekyll. I remembered the Sitix project I'd begun in 2023 and tried to implement it - but failed spectacularly. Sitix was a shipwreck. So, through early March, I reimplemented: I moved to C++, a much more familiar language; changed the structure to be just quirky enough to satisfy me while still robust and usable, and quickly got Sitix behind several websites.

Sitix is designed to replace everything I like about Jekyll (Liquid. It's just Liquid. I hate literally everything else), while also providing a saner interface, and being much easier to compile and install (farewell, Gem Hell). I also incorporated concepts from JavaScript (especially JSON); parts of the object model are obviously inspired by JavaScript, and the tree-like structure of a Sitix file is heavily remnant of JSON. I also added a little of my own "charm"; evident in the scope system (which is even less sane than JavaScript's) and the not-quite-XML tag structure.

Sitix is a very young project, and I'm still working out the bugs and adding crucial features. The stuff I'm working on is usually going to be near the top of the TODO list.

Sitix is protected by GNU GPLv3. Please put a little "built with Sitix by Tyler Clarke" with a link to this website somewhere on every Sitix-generated page you make (Sitix can make this easy with templates :D), if you choose to use Sitix.
Sitix by Tyler Clarke
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Sitix (including this website) is open-source Free Software protected by GNU GPLv3. Looking to contribute? The source code for this website is hosted on Github, as is Sitix itself.
Sitix is still young and probably buggy; if you have issues, submit a bug report at the issues page or contact me at plupy44@gmail.com (github issue preferred).
If you want to contribute, but don't know where to start, see The Todo List.
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