Imagine an SSG
that's FAST
that's project agnostic
that Keeps It Simple, Stupid
that Just Makes Sense
that makes no assumptions


Sitix is a modern SSG (Static Site Generator) that allows you total control over how your project is assembled, without sacrificing ease. It uses an object/scope model with efficient file includes, conditional branching, looping, and command-line configuration to make stunning websites without the mess.
Template all the things. Any Sitix file can be a template; the [?] opening phrase indicates that (for whatever reason) the file shouldn't be rendered normally, but still may be included in other files - for configuration, templating, or even modular elements!
Sitix is a universal preprocessor. HTML? Of course. CSS? Yep! JavaScript? Certainly! Sitix will template anything, whether it be a nice simple HTML file or a hand-edited GIF from 1998. Say goodbye to annoying configuration discrepancies between CSS and HTML and JavaScript - just throw your shared variables in a config.stx file and let Sitix do the rest!
No more restrictive project structures, irritating configuration files, or magic. Goodbye Ruby, "blog-awareness", difficult configuration, and bulky outputs. Sayonara obtuse frameworks, inefficient CSR, and annoying build pipelines. Sitix renders what you want, when you want it, and doesn't ask questions.
Like what you see? install Sitix and start building modern websites now!
Sitix by Tyler Clarke
Shameless Plugs
Tyler Clarke's personal site
Tyler Clarke's (old) webcomic/blog/personal site
Fedora Linux
The Free Software Foundation
The Avraham Society (first site to be officially generated with Sitix)
The Not Art Gallery
Bacon Jam Tomato
Places in This Site
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Sitix (including this website) is open-source Free Software protected by GNU GPLv3. Looking to contribute? The source code for this website is hosted on Github, as is Sitix itself.
Sitix is still young and probably buggy; if you have issues, submit a bug report at the issues page or contact me at (github issue preferred).
If you want to contribute, but don't know where to start, see The Todo List.
Site designed by Tyler Clarke and built with Sitix. This page uses the Lato fonts.