Well hello there

This is Tyler Clarke's personal website (although he is not technically the legal owner of the domain name - he's using his parent's router which has free DDNS, shhhhhhhhh). He is mostly using it for hosting online web-games, including Castle Blocks, which he is developing with some friends.
I'm talking about myself in the third person, using Nginx as a reverse proxy, and using Lets Encrypt for SSL, a beautiful combination I'm sad I never tried before. Most of the individual applications on here are open-source, written in C++ with Crow. I probably won't bother linking to their Githubs. My much older Github Pages website can be found here, I don't put a lot of effort into it any more but it's not gonna go away for the forseeable future.
Applications currently running are...

(nothing's running)

Platformer is hosted on my old github site, not here. Multiplayer platformer will be hosted here, but I doubt I'll run it often as it's node.js and thus quite bulky.

Computer stuff services for moneys

Service Price
Web development - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript $5 minimum - contact me for a free quote
Static hosting on swaous.asuscomm.com $5/month
Backend development (C++, Node.JS) $10 minimum - contact me for a free quote