Well hello there

This is Tyler Clarke's warp zone.
He is using it as a site where he can quickly add links to things he does.
I'm talking about myself in the third person, using Nginx as a reverse proxy, and using Lets Encrypt for SSL, a beautiful combination I'm sad I never tried before. Most of the individual applications on here are open-source, written in C++ with Crow. I probably won't bother linking to their Githubs repos.
Applications currently running are...

(nothing's running)

Interesting stuff: Sitix is hosted on this server! Sitix is a powerful templating and modular-design engine for websites and pretty much anything else. You should really click that link!

Uninteresting stuff: Bacon Jam Tomato is currently the ugliest site hosted on this server!
Platformer is hosted on my old github site, not here. Multiplayer platformer will be hosted here, but I doubt I'll run it often as it's node.js and thus quite bulky.

Small games I've made include,

My old sites

This is a list of sites I've made that are collecting dust. Some of them are quite old, and all of them had a specific and simple purpose (mostly French class), so quality is not assured.
These serve as fine demo sites, anyways.

I use FreeDNS for all sorts of tomfoolery! Truly an excellent service.

You can email me at plupy44@gmail.com or friend me on discord @weird_pusheen.

This page not generated with Sitix. It's 'cause I'm lazy.