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Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Game

This is a web game made by and with contributions from many others, especially .

Most MMOSG servers come with a built-in UI, but as this is an external modified UI, you have to specify a server. You can manually type a url for it in the sidebar, or select one of of the Famous Servers:
  • The 24/7 IO Server -
  • Nexus Defense - [small; playtesting]
  • The 24/7 Regular Server -
  • The 24/7 BIIIG IO Server -
  • richard map
  • Development build; not always running (and sometimes containing non-MMOSG applications) -
  • Local Development

Interested in MMOSG development or just want to peek under the hood? Check out the MMOSG server Github, or read the documentation for this server release.
Talk to other players and play mods, team games, and unofficial servers on the discord server!

Confused about all this? Read the MMOSG Game Manual!

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